Track on the Map

About us

This website is for anyone to use. Track yourselves, your friends, and anything else that moves!

Due to some very clever development stuff, we can now track objects very accurately to within a second. If you are using a GPS enabled device, then just click 'track me now', and your GPS coordinates is instantly shown on the map, people everywhere can then see your location. Everything is done online; you dont need to download any software.

Examples of use:

We try to give the fastest, live real-time response to the current location; only displaying the last location transmitted to us. We currently dont offer any history or play back of any previous locations, as we currently dont store this information.

Note that everyone will be able to see your location, so recommend not entering your full name, but only your first, or maybe just a call sign.

Website owners: if you hold live data feeds with geo information that you would like to publish on this website, please drop us a line.

This website is new and currently totally free to use, any feedback would be appreciated.